Why choose us?


A reliable partner

At Icon Plastics, we invest heavily in innovation and expansion, operating two advanced sites with plans to grow further. Our cutting-edge additive printing and 3D scanning technologies enable fast proof of concept and superior product development. With high efficiency and real-time data monitoring, we ensure top-quality results and complete customer satisfaction. Choose Icon Plastics for a progressive and reliable partner.”

Designed to deliver


Icon is built to be more than just a normal supplier.

  • 37k square feet across two sites.
  • Prototyping (3D printed solutions).
  • Integrated manufacturing solutions.
  • Value adding activities.
  • Flexible delivery options.


Leading quality


We pride ourselves on our quality and ability to deliver exceptional products.

  • 3D optical scanner (T-scan Hawk 2).
  • Computer Numerical Control Measuring Machine (CMM).
  • Non-contact optical measuring.
  • Colour & Gloss Metering.
  • Light Metering.


    Green credentials


    Break the mould and make your plastic components into green solutions.

    • On-site recycling centre.
    • Renewable energy supply.
    • Recycled grade materials.
    • Sustainable packaging solutions.



      We build relationships.

      • Recurring customers for 15+ years.
      • Agile and flexible to meet your specific needs.
      • Growth year on year.