The latest UK Attractiveness Survey from EY found that 32 per cent of manufacturers are now looking to reshore activity in the UK. This is a reaction, not only to Brexit uncertainties, but also the global supply chain issues and disruption the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused.

Some businesses think that the risk of changing suppliers is too high and time consuming, but with the right new supplier this isn’t the case and the rewards of reshoring can be substantial. One global automotive technology leader in Seating and E- Systems has made the decision to reshore; and with help from Icon Plastics; have successfully moved the manufacturing of their components from mainland Europe to Icon Plastics Ltd based in the Northeast.

Icon Plastics project managed the whole reshoring process, achieving a seamless transition and saving the customer time and money. The process started with a review of the current mould tooling design and evaluation of the specification and process parameters to ensure that Icon Plastics had the appropriate infrastructure in place. This was followed up with a visit to the incumbent injection moulding supplier in mainland Europe to assess the mould tools and review the manufacturing process in order to identify potential risks and develop a project plan to address them. A meeting with all parties involved ensured that build stocks were managed, responsibilities and the project plan agreed before the reshoring process commenced.

Icon Plastics also managed the uplift and transportation of the mould tools, first and last off’s and all related gauging to its facilities in the Northeast, where testing and validation were carried out and approved before the first production run.

“Icon Plastics not only provided us with a competitive cost solution, but managed the transfer of the manufacturing of these components from Mainland Europe to the UK without a hitch. These components now have an improved carbon footprint due to the reduced transport; and the localised supply and support has provided shorter lead times and reduced stock levels. Our concerns about potential post-Brexit import duties and customs delays for these components have been eliminated” said Neil Campbell, automotive customer.